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Sixteen is based in Wing, Buckinghamshire.

We opened our doors in September 2010 when we rented out a small unit ( No 16, hence the name) and began our journey of  sourcing and buying second hand furniture in order to rework and satisfy our new found passion of painting furniture and bringing old pieces back to life . We set about our new belongings with a bottle of Nitromors, an industrial sander, the wonderful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (, wax and varnish and even a hairdryer for a particularly fun crackle wax project. Alongside our furniture range we also bought in a selection of homewares, always keeping the Retro/Vintage look in mind. We sourced original items from charity shops, flea markets, ebay and carbot sales. We also bought in new products from suppliers to enhance and add to the overall theme.


Since those early days we have been concentrating our efforts on getting out to our customers and we regularly attend a number of events throughout the year. In 2013 we intend to continue this approach plus the obvious addition of our new website for our homeware and gift ranges.


Please follow us on facebook  and twitter to find out when and where we'll be in the coming months, but here's a few confirmed


At the wonderful in March, June , September and November


Most Sundays and Bank holidays until September we will be down by the river in Stratford Upon Avon at the Waterside market


2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at


On the first Bank Holiday Monday in May at Aldbury May Fayre and Aston Clinton Village market, on Sunday May 12th


Togfest in June


Moseley Street fair and Penn Festival in July


The Retro Festival In August


From mid November to Christmas we will also be returning to the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham City Centre


Thanks so much for visiting our website, if you have any queries, feedback or comments then please do contact us